Keiko is a rare Japanese Bamboo Wood Fairy. This perfectly precious and boisterous 1,400-year-old fairy was educated by a small group of devoted mountainside monks in Shizhu Mountain (Stone Bamboo Mountain) in China and then brought to Japan in 620 A.D. by the invitation of the Japanese Prince Shotoku to share spiritual wisdom.

After centuries of spiritual instruction, intriguing court life, war, famine, and social change, Keiko has a very special insight into the human experience. She possesses the rare ability to see precisely where people are emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually and to love them unconditionally. Keiko can only be seen when visitors enter her enchanted bamboo forest and rest quietly, closing their eyes seated on a large, smooth rock in the bamboo grove. She appears to those that she feels she can help in their life journey. It can be said that Keiko is metaphorically our highest collective consciousness, our highest self, and our greatest expression of unconditional love.

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