The Music

Keiko the Fairy is created with the intention of being made into a theatrical musical. Stylistically, it pays homage to the Japanese culture with certain lyrical and musical nuances, but is a distinct and energetic American vibe blending pop, hip-hop, and jazz.

Sakura Kura is a high-energy dance number that embodies the overall spirit of the project, featuring rap singer Zeale 32. It is inspired from the classical Japanese folk song entitled “Sakura,” which is a favorite song for people to sing under the newly blooming sakura (cherry blossom) trees.

Falling Pearls is an emotional ballad sung by jazz singer Kat Edmonson. In the story, Red’s life is changing quickly and she realizes that she has to let go of the pain associated with her mother’s death so that she can heal and move forward with her life. There is a photo of Red in her room of her crying at the beach. Her mom is holding her and smiling. Red broke her mom’s pearls and they fell into the sea. Her mother tells her not to cry because “nothing lasts forever.”

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