Creative Team

Lane Orsak: Author, creator, & musical lyrics

Lane grew up inspired by the magic of musical theater and heavily influenced by his mother’s television show Kitirik (ABC, Houston, TX: 1954-72). While attending the University of Texas he studied the liberal arts, acting and dance graduating with a degree in History. He performed two years with the Austin Ballet Theater. He wrote Mr. Hanks, a musical, and was accepted for audition in NYC for the prestigious BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theater Workshop. In 1989 he moved to Tokyo, Japan to work as a Language Consultant for three years.  Since then, he has worked creatively in advertising and marketing. He also wrote an autobiographical novel, “Clown White.” He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and his dog, “Chino Mussolini Orsacci.”

Missi Jay: Character Illustrations

Missi grew up in Oklahoma City and studied design at Oklahoma University. After graduating, she has worked as an artist and professional illustrator for over twenty years. She has received numerous National Design awards and recognitions (including Print Magazine’s Design Annual), designing a Texas license plate, illustrating three picture books  (I Did It!, The Silent Voice, and The Waiting Game), and being awarded the “Big Wig Award” as best illustrator in Austin by the Austin Advertising Federation. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and daughter.

Shane O Madden: Musical Composer

Shane began studying classical violin and composition at the age of eight and studied formally at the University of Texas School of Music. Presently, Shane is an artist and composer performing and recording music under the name Govinda. He has released over 6 albums under the Earthtone and Andromeda record labels. He has played with Thievery Corporation, DJ Spooky, and Cheb i Sabbah. He has also worked with leading advertising agencies and other producers to develop original music for the interactive gaming and the entertainment industry: The Fairy Godmother Academy, Mattel’s Barbie, and a spec project for Disney. He lives in Austin, Texas with his two children.

Special Thanks

Much gratitude for Megan Laibovitz for her generous support and excellent suggestions on all three books.  Super nova thanks to Chris O’Connell and Maureen Donnelly for editing assistance. Special thanks to Kunio Ishida for his invaluable support and editing help, in both English and Japanese, on The Kujiki, Yoko Sano for Japanese editing on The Silk Road and Yonaguni, and Junko Fisher for translating Kanayo in Yonaguni. Thanks to the talented Michael Campbell for converting the files to electronic publishing services. Super Big thanks to David Avila at Eastside Arthouse for his generosity and helping with the website development. A big fairy hug for the special friends of Keiko: Robin Carter, Cathy Casey, Jan Heaton, Karen Jacobs, Karen Orsak, Bunny Orsak, Samantha Stevens, Greg Koury, Louis at Starbucks, and the biggest thanks for Shelby, the first young reader to read the book and think it was “great” (giving me the inspiration to go forward)!

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