Keiko the Fairy

Keiko the Fairy

Keiko the Fairy is a coming-of-age story that takes place in contemporary Japan.

The story is an exciting contrast of the present, hip and bustling Tokyo, and the lavishly stunning beauty of the ancient past. Many elements of the story are inspired by real events, both contemporary and historical. The story is as educational as it is fun, filled with adventure, archeological discovery, rich historical reference, infused philosophical significance, and a hefty dash of magical realism. The story is bilingual (English and Japanese), and bi-cultural, making it a terrific introduction to the Japanese culture for persons of any age, from 9 to 109! Don’t let the little fairy fool you; Keiko the Fairy is a heartwarming romp with more than meets the eye.

*** Parents should know that the books contain no graphic violence, sex, or bad language.

The Keiko books are a great gift for young boys or girls, ages 9-12. If you buy only one book, make sure to buy them in order: The KujikiThe Silk Road, and Yonaguni.

Keiko the fairy books are available for purchase as a Paperback and Digital Download for Amazon’s Kindle, the iBook, or the Barnes & Noble Nook.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us:

Dozo yoroshiku onagaishimasu.

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